Flu Shot Appointments

We are now live with our publicly funded flu shot appointment bookings for the fall of 2020! Please follow this link to set up your appointment. https://b.telehippo.com/o/garrisonph

Flu Shots are expected to arrive for October 14th. At this point we are setting appointments for anyone over the age of 5 who qualifies for the free injection. We are unsure if we will be getting any FluMist (the nasal spray vaccination for children) and will update everyone as we proceed.

Due to Covid-19 we ask that you set up your appointment online so that we can better control the flow of patients in our store. We have limited space and need to keep everyone safe. You can fill out your consent form online and will be asked to also fill out a covid-19 screening form 24 hours prior to your appointment as well. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you let us know and your appointment will be re-scheduled for a later date. All patients will also need to arrive wearing a mask and we ask that you show up right on time.